The Tuscan Maremma

A large coastal area, with decidedly vague historical boundaries, which occupies part of Tuscany and upper Lazio, and which begins its territory south of the Provinces of Pisa and Livorno and continues beyond Tarquinia in the Province of Viterbo, passing through Rosignano Marittimo, Piombino, the Punta Ala promontory, the mouth of the Ombrone and the Uccellina Mountains, the Orbetello lagoon and Lake Burano, the Tolfa Mountains and Chiarone.

It is the Maremma (or rather the “Maremme”, like a wedge stretched between Tuscany and Lazio), made up of environments so different from each other that they create a wild land, sweet and harsh at the same time, rude and ancient, in the past a land dotted with marshes and unhealthy swamps where man struggled to survive and died of malaria. The Spaniards, who in the 15th and 16th centuries dominated some coastal areas of the Argentario Promontory, with the State of the Garrisons, defined it marisma, marshy land, to indicate the uncomfortable environmental conditions of the time.

Today very little remains of that difficult past. Important reclamation works, started by the Lorena family and completed during the 20th century by the Maremma Authority, gradually cleared the swamps infested with Anopheles mosquitoes, transmitters of malaria, and restored the environment. But even if radically transformed, Maremma remains.

And it still offers the intimate atmospheres of its ancient villages and historic centres, the infinite suggestions of its landscapes, the incredible light of sunrises and sunsets, the dazzling reflections of its splendid sea – Blue Flag 2023 in various seaside resorts – the intense green of its coastal pine forests and protected natural areas that surround the territory.


Discover the most authentic Maremma

The most authentic Maremma extends from the beaches of the Tuscan coast to the wild and uncontaminated hinterland. Maremma represents an ideal choice for those looking for a combination of sea, nature and tradition, far from chaos and mass tourism.

Let yourself be captured by uncontaminated nature

Discover the wild beauty of the Maremma, between crystal clear sea and green hills. Let yourself be conquered by the breathtaking landscapes that open up in front of you. Stroll through nature reserves, spotting unique animal species and rare plants, or dive into the crystal clear waters of Tuscany’s most spectacular beaches. The Maremma will give you an unforgettable experience in which you can rediscover your most authentic essence and your deep relationship with nature. Let yourself be captured by the colours, scents and sounds of the area and experience an unforgettable holiday dedicated to the nature, history and culture of the Maremma.

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Discover the Etruscan coast

Once upon a time it was
the Bitter Maremma

No longer bitter Maremma, therefore, but a Maremma of vivid contrasts, where culture and nature, history and art, present and past blend harmoniously into a single great fresco. Here colours, atmospheres, flavours, lights and landscapes are absolute. A land waiting to be discovered, capable of offering tourists ever new stimuli and a great variety of itineraries, along the coast and on the islands of Tuscan Archipelago National Park, but also among the hills and mountains inland, or in the lands where nature is still the undisputed master, or, again, in the territories where the ancient Etruscans they extracted precious minerals to obtain metals, as on the Colline Metallifere and on the Island of Elba, along the Etruscan Coast, in the Livorno Maremma.

The central Maremma is that of Grosseto, the true heart of the larger Maremma territory, although there are many characteristics that make it similar to that of Lazio to the south and that of Pisa – Livorno to the north.

It is considered the territory of Grosseto Maremma central is that long stretch of coastal plain that from the Gulf of Follonica reaches up to the Chiarone watercourse, located near the medieval village of Capalbio, and that to the south, after passing the Silver Coast with the Argentario Promontory, it forms the border with Lazio, in the Maremma Laziale.

A journey to discover the many faces of the Tuscan Maremma is a stimulating adventure and a source of historical, artistic and cultural enrichment. Numerous itineraries to rediscover coasts, landscapes, atmospheres, contrasts, fascinating ruins, intense aromas and bold colours, gastronomic delights and good wine (also and above all through the wine tourism routes of the Wine Routes). Itineraries that in many ways allow us to decipher the hidden meanings of this land, its history and its people.


Spas and Wellness in Maremma

Regenerate your body and mind among the thermal waters of the Maremma, the perfect combination of relaxation and well-being to find your inner balance.

Saturnia spa

The Terme di Saturnia, in the municipality of Manciano, are an unmissable destination for those seeking an authentic wellness experience in the evocative Maremma.

Mill waterfalls

The most beautiful natural wonder of the Maremma is undoubtedly the Cascate del Mulino.

Other spa locations

Terme di Sorano, Terme di Vulci, Terme del Petriolo, Terme Calidario and Terme di San Filippo are just some of the spa resorts in the Maremma, perfect for a holiday dedicated to relaxation and well-being.

Discover the mini cruises in the Tuscan Archipelago

Unforgettable experiences among the Maremma islands with mini-cruises: let’s discover the treasures of the Tuscan Archipelago together.

Ferries to the islands

Porto Santo Stefano offers numerous options for reaching the splendid islands of the Archipelago

Mini cruises

A unique experience to visit the Island of Giglio and the Island of Giannutri from the port of Porto Santo Stefano.

Boat tours

Private and group tours to discover the coves of the Promontory and the beaches of Giglio and Giannutri.

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There are many destinations to discover in the Tuscan Maremma. Etruscan coast and hinterland.


The climate in Maremma Tuscany is characterized by the most complete variety, let's discover it together.

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Travel stories

Exploring the natural and cultural beauty of the Maremma. Here are some stories of adventures, experiences and discoveries in one of the most fascinating and authentic regions of Italy.

From Rome
The Tuscan Maremma is a hidden jewel that absolutely must be discovered. I had the pleasure of visiting this area of Tuscany and I was enchanted by it. The hilly landscape with vineyards and olive groves, the ancient medieval villages and the pristine beaches are just some of the wonders of this place. I highly recommend staying on a farm to savor the local cuisine and immerse yourself in country life.
Martina M.
From Trento
The Tuscan Maremma is an area of great charm, where history, culture and nature come together in a unique mix. I had the privilege of visiting some of the ancient Etruscan cities, surrounded by breathtaking landscape, and of hiking in the Diaccia Botrona Nature Reserve, where I was able to observe numerous bird species up close. The coast, then, offers long sandy beaches bathed by the crystalline Tyrrhenian Sea.
Luisa T.
From Turin
The Tuscan Maremma is a land rich in artistic and natural treasures that are worth discovering. I was lucky enough to visit the city of Pitigliano, with its houses carved into the tufaceous rock, and to go on an excursion in the Maremma Natural Park, where I saw the wild horses that live there. The beaches of Maremma are among the most beautiful in Italy, with golden sand and crystal clear waters. And don't forget to taste the typical dishes, such as Maremma fish soup!
Thomas S.